Powerful Mama Mentorship

You will learn...

  • Routines to preserve and regain your energy, and energy balancing techniques

  • Meditation for personal strength

  • How to allow your children to fail in order to grow

  • Techniques to trust your intuition and worry less

  • How to find balance in ALL areas of your life/parenting

  • How to help your child solve their own issues with social media pressures and other adolescent concerns

  • Ways to set boundaries and having the confidence to follow through with consequences.

  • Techniques in letting go confidently

  • The ability to redesign yourself after they leave

  • Confidence in redefining your relationship with an adult child

Bonus modules include:

  • Parenting children with mental health issues

  • Parenting the unmotivated child

As we parent infants and young children, we have a plethora of resources, and establish connections with other parents. However, as they grow into teens and young adults, we lose this. Suddenly, we can feel very much alone. They begin driving, and our time with them lessens significantly, leaving us to doubt our connection and impact in a time that they need us the most. Then, God willing, they are ready to leave the nest and we are stricken with the gut-wrenching realization that things will never be the same. And perhaps even more paralyzing, that we don’t know what to do with ourselves now!


This course is for you if...

-You are a soulful mama ready to prioritize your own health and well-being.

 -You are ready to trust your intuition, find balance in all aspects of parenting, and maintain your awesome relationship with your kiddos

-You are willing to find time for yourself and trust the process

-You want to maintain your communication with your child, even though they act like they need you less. 

-You desperately want to slow down and parent mindfully, responding to challenges, rather than reacting to them.


This course is not for you if...

-You are not ready to prioritize yourself
-You are not in a place to financially invest in yourself
-You are not prepared to set tough boundaries around your time and well-being to improve yourself



*All packages require minimum four month contract

Powerful Mama Mentorship Program

~Weekly personalized 1:1 coaching, in person or via Zoom with Merrily

~Access to her Facebook group of like-minded parents in the same journey


Payment plan as low as $330/month for 6 months



Powerful Mama VIP

~Weekly personalized 1:1 coaching, in person or via Zoom with Merrily

~Email access to Merrily for real-time help with issues that come up

~Access to her Facebook group of like-minded parents in the same journey

~Enrollment in Powerful Mama online course ($199 value)

~Enrollment in 4 months of daily journal prompt emails ($39 value)


Payment plan as low as $397/month for 6 months







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