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Powerful Mama Online Course

What if you made a conscious choice to love yourself. That is yourself and the rest will fall into place. Sounds easy, right?


Well, I whole-heartedly believe that if you learn to be mindful, protect your energy, create healthy boundaries and work through your limiting beliefs, you will be able to parent in a less reactionary, more responsive way. 


These are exactly some of the strategies I teach in my Powerful Mama online course. 


During this four month course, you will learn:

Holistic, rather than surface, self-care

Redefining yourself as more than "Mom"

Establishing and enforcing boundaries 

Protecting your energy

Parenting mindfully

Guided Meditations 

and more!

How it works:

Each month, for four consecutive months, you will receive access to one module of the course. Each module contains several lessons, meditations, and videos to help you search within for the amazingness that is already there!


You've heard that journaling is all the rage right now, but you may not know where to begin. Purposeful journaling can be life-changing!


By turning inward and nurturing ourselves, we are not only modeling healthy behavior for our kids, we are teaching our minds to search within for answers and peace. 


An important component to self-care is taking time to process your feelings, thoughts and emotional triggers.


Journaling is proven to help shift your mindset  and help you work through jumbled emotions.


Learn to love yourself so you can love others wholly.

Notebook and Pen

Journal Prompts

During this four month course, you will purposefully journal about:

Self-care and self love

Investigating how you spend your time

What foundations make you who you are

Future visions





and more!

How it works:

For the next 16 weeks, each weekday a new journal prompt will appear in your email inbox. I encourage you to buy yourself a beautiful blank journal, and dedicate part of your morning routine to some self-discovery. This course will never be priced this low again. Happy writing!


It's time for you. You have studied your family's health. You know what foods trigger them or make them feel their best. You know what time they need to go to bed so they are able to focus tomorrow. You ensure they get to every practice and stimulate their brains. But...what about you? Do you know the best time of day for you to eat so that your digestive fire works for you, instead of against you? Do you know what sounds, scents and environments ground you? Do you know how to clear past emotional traumas to lighten your burden? It's time for some true self-care. We are not talking face masks here, we are talking about following a 5000-year-old system of holistic and foundational health that will light you up, and lighten you up!

Spa and Wellness


During this self-guided course, you will learn life-changing concepts including:

Ayurveda and your personal mind-body type


Meditation, including your own personal primordial sound mantra

Emotional health

Inner pharmacy (trust me...this is cool!)

Holistic self-care routines

How it works:

This course is literally life-changing. You are encouraged to open each module at your own pace to fully absorb the material. The content is presented online through various formats, including videos and presentations. 


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