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Merrily Hope Medina is a transformational coach and holistic wellness expert, trained by the renowned Deepak Chopra. She specializes in helping women navigate life transitions, such as the empty nest phase, through her transformational coaching program. Merrily also helps women rediscover holistic wellness through her expertise in integrative nutrition. With her guidance, you can achieve a healthier, more fulfilling life.

Welcome, I'm Merrily
Ayurveda Consultant. Life Coach. Mentor.

After spending over two decades raising three daughters, one day I looked at them, looked in the mirror, and said, “What the heck just happened?” They grew up and I grew old(er). I knew I needed to start the painful process of letting go while at the same time finding new meaning in my life. There is an expectation to crumble when your child leaves the nest. And while it is painful, it doesn’t have to be devastating. This pivotal moment is similar to the moment when you graduated from high school, or college, or got married, or decided not to do any of those things. This is one of the very few moments in your life when you get to ask yourself, “What do I do now?” The emptying nest is the story I live now, but for many other women this same feeling surfaces during any transition. It may be divorce, relocation, a new job, or the loss of a spouse…it is during moments of transition that we have an opportunity: Let life carry us in a new direction, or choose the new direction we would like to travel. It is at this moment I wish all women would ask themselves the following questions:

What do I physically need to be in the best health of my life?

How can I detach and let go of that phase of my life?

What do I want right now that will feed my soul? 


And for all my ladies out there letting their kids go, it is my mission to help you find your purpose and meaning, address your shadows, and rise up as a bold, brilliant, brave goddess who is confident not only in your role as a mother but also in your role as an individual who is ready to send your children out to fly. And when they do fly, how to dust yourself off, strike a wonder woman pose, and kick some ass as a woman with scars and knowledge who has grown into her own person. They may have “grown and flown,” but you raised them and now it’s your time to fly too! 

Fly Mama. I believe in you! 

It’s time.


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