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I teach moms to parent mindfully, find their peace and strength within, and reconnect with their true selves so they can enrich their whole health, rediscover their passions, and prepare their children and themselves for the emptying of the nest.


Welcome, I'm Merrily
Parent. Educator. Life Coach. Friend.

I see you, and I’m glad you’ve found me.


You have been searching for me because you're proud of your children and the life you are creating, but you are feeling overwhelmed and need  some support Maybe you are trying to find balance between independence and boundaries, or children and marriage, or work and parenting. Perhaps, you are trying to help your child deal with social stresses, social media pressures, or emotional strength. Or, maybe you are getting close to letting go, and you are struggling with teaching your teen the skills to confidently fly the nest, while at the same time finding your own strength to let them go. I get you....I've been there.


You are seeking self-awareness, and have been afraid to make yourself a priority...until now. Now you realize that you cannot lead the band if the conductor is down. Now you realize that if you are strong and compassionate toward yourself, you will have more compassion for those who rely on you.


You are afraid that your communication with your teen is suffering and you are desperate to keep your relationship with him/her strong while navigating the terrifying teen years, and even more terrifying stage of letting go. What are the new boundaries, how do you forge a new relationship with this adult child? I feel you, Mama. And not only can it be done, it can be done beautifully!


You know they have to go. You want them to go, to succeed, and to LIVE. But you are afraid, terrified maybe, that your relationship will never be the same. That they are not ready. That they will not come back. I can tell you, you will be ok! Your relationship will be ok. You can help them get ready, and equally as importantly, you can get yourself ready too. I’m here for you. I’ve done it, I’ve felt it, and I have succeeded.

I use my experience and passion for empowerment to teach mindful parents to find balance and confidence in all aspects of parenting. I am driven to share the lessons I have learned in my own personal journey of confidently letting my children go, while allowing my own talents and passions to shine.


I know you’re ready too. 



Those who work with me feel exponentially more confident in their mindful parenting, and feel that both parent and child are prepared for their departure or other challenging situations that may arise during this journey.

Parenting can be challenging, and you don’t have to do it alone. I will teach you how to feel your feelings as a mom, how to cut yourself some damn slack, how to listen, how to teach without preaching, how to mold, shape, let fall, and eventutally let fly. 
And when they do fly, how to dust yourself off, strike a wonder woman pose and kick some ass as a woman with scars and knowledge who has grown into her own person. They may have “grown and flown,” but you raised them and now it’s your time to fly too!
Fly Mama. I believe in you!
It’s time.

1:1 Transformational Coaching

I work with compassionate moms who are feeling lost in who they are and what they are called to do after their children are grown. I help parents with children of all ages redefine themselves, and connect their mind, body, and spirit so they can parent confidently and mindfully.

When you learn to balance your life, you are able to trust your intuition and come from a place of peace deep within.

Additional Services
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Online Courses 

Gently priced, these courses offer an amazing value for your path to your best self. Sort through limiting beliefs, mental and physical toxicity, and get real with who you truly are and what you desire in this beautiful life. Here is where you will find my signature courses including Powerful Mama and Whole-Health Wellness.


Wellness Packages

As a Chopra Certified Wellness Educator, I am proud to offer several options to kick-start your wellness journey and balance your mind, body, and spirit. In order to give your energy and support to others, you must heal and energize yourself first! Some empowering topics include Ayurvedic Lifestyle, Meditation, Nutrition, Inner Pharmacy, and Emotional Health.

Women with Sparklers

In-person Classes and Retreats

Gather energy and motivation from like-minded women in these empowering and invaluable in-person experiences. Don't miss the upcoming and FREE series: Whole-Health Wellness.

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Group Coaching

Designed to benefit from the best of both worlds...the education of an online course combined with the power of personal coaching. Here you will get the opportunity to work directly with me, while following along with the online Wellness or Powerful Mama courses.