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Releasing Negativity

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Depression, anxiety, indecisiveness, insomnia....and many other typical health complaints can be attributed to a blocked energy system. Let's tap into your energy centers and learn how they can affect your physical and emotional health. I have attached a link to a fantastic article really simplifying the chakra system.

Ok….I’m about to get woowoo here. Let’s chat about clearing some of these systems. Once you have determined an area, or a few areas, that need a little help, it’s time to clear them. Again, check out You-Tube for meditations specific to each chakra. Find time to meditate every day, even if it is only when you are drifting off to sleep.

Hopefully, you already are a member of my Facebook group, or follow my Podcast. In both of these, I have some meditations that help with clearing. Also, hopefully by now you have followed the challenges in the FB group and have set up your own personal space. If not, go back to some of the old posts and follow the challenge.

Here is a great clearing meditation that I learned from my amazing friend, Catherine Andrews. Find yourself in your space. Light a candle, and close your eyes. Take a trip through your body, starting with your toes, and working your way up your legs, through all of your chakras and up into the top of your head. Search around, paying special attention to your energy centers and look for grey. Imagine any aches and pains, or feelings of sadness or anxiety as grey light. Collect it all into one area of your body. I usually collect it all in my solar plexus, the area just above my belly. Take time with this and collect all that you can find. Then visualize all the pieces you have found coming together to create a grey ball of light. Inhale through your nose for the count of three, and then exhale through your mouth for the count of five. Blow that grey crap right out of there. Do this as many times as you need to, until you start to feel calm. You will know when you’re done. Sometimes I gently rub my hand on my belly, or heart (wherever you have collected your grey light ball) and repeat, “I release that which no longer serves me.” When you feel that it is all gone, sit quietly, and imagine a beautiful golden or lavender light coming through the crown of your head and filling all of that new space with peace and light. When you are finished, gently open your eyes and sit there for a minute or two really feeling what this new peace and lightness feels like. Carry that peaceful feeling with you in all of your interactions for the rest of the day.

You deserve to feel light, and peaceful, and whole…despite what is happening in the world or in your house.

Click here to read more about chakra health.


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